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Fourth generation of vine-grower

Pierre-Emmanuel begins studies of computer engineer, then a Master of business administration. Finally in 2000, only 26-year-old, he decides to take over his father's vineyards.

He first begins to entirely do up the wine storehouse of Pomerol and to renovate his vineyards. In parallel, he does viti-oenological training courses. Little easy beginnings but already rewarded by medals from its first vintage 2001.

Since then, he works with passion so that the adventure continues …


Since 1898

The story begins in 1898, when Jean Janoueix, great-grandfather of Pierre Emmanuel and inhabitant of the Corrèze (a rural department of the center of France), decides to go into the wine trade and sets up as wine merchant in Meymac-près-Bordeaux. At ease with the farmers, himself farmer, he decides to sell the wines to the farms of the Northwest of France, richer than those of the Corrèze.

A few years later, his four sons join him and in 1930, the family acquires its first vineyards in the Bordeaux area. In 1945, the sons decide to separate and François, one of Jean's sons, buys the Château La Bastienne then classified "Premier Grand Cru Montagne".

Two years later, Pierre, the elder son of François and father of Pierre-Emmanuel, begins his tours in Normandy to sell his father's wines as his grandfather used to do. The family continues to acquire vineyards around Saint-Emilion, among them the Château Grands Sillons Gabachot in Pomerol, bought by Pierre. It is during one of his tours in Normandy that Pierre meets his wife Antoinette. From then, he definitively lives in Normandy, leaves to his brother and sisters the care, among others, to run its properties and sells the family wines in Normandy. His son Pierre-Emmanuel borns in 1974 and grows up in Normandy.

1st row : Jean Janoueix and his wife Marie.

2nd row, 3 of his sons.

3rd row, Pierre, François' elder son and Pierre-Emmanuel's father.

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